[ VOLTAGE PROTECTOR ] Electrical Volt Guard / Spark & Lightning Surge Protector / Electrical Appliances Volt Guard


- 230V 50/60HZ

- Voltage range:90+/-3%~130+/-3%(60HZ);180+/-3%~250+/-3%(50HZ)
- Low Voltage Cut Off: 165V
- High Voltage Cut Off: 265V

- Maximum Current : 20A

- Start-up Delay time 90S

- LED LCD display to show the Incoming 3 Voltage states: High Voltage Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Normal

- 5 types of protection(over voltage, under voltage, interruption, surge/spike, over load protection)

- For Electrical Appliances, TV, LCD, Plasma, DVD, Home, cinema, PC, Laptop, washer, Refrigerator, dryer, oven, dishwasher and other home appliance without compressor

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