Professional Condenser Microphone V8 Sound Card set for webcast live recording/ Broadcast and Recording Microphone

Professional Condenser Microphone V8 Sound Card set for webcast live recording

This is a professional condenser microphone which adopts the exacting complete electronic circuit control and gold-plate diaphragm capsule, the microphone with a good cardioids polar pickup pattern, high output, low self-noise and the accurate reproduction of even the most subtle sound, suitable especially for studios, recording studios, broadcasting stations, stage performances and computer. Absolutely fulfil the requirement of high quality for broadcasting and recording.

Computer cable 3.5mm audio professional condenser microphone BM 800 recording studio KTV
karaoke + vocal microphone+ microphone stand+V8 sound card
Ideal for sound studies in radio learning, voice, scenes, TV stations, etc. Desktop microphone stand with
clip arm and microphone pop-up filter and shock mount Stable, durable and affordable desktop
microphone stand; double arms increase power to support more weight;
Folding arms: Minimize shipping size for easy storage; Scissor arm - Fully flexible adjustment for
angles and heights required Adjustable clamp for easy desktop installation and secure adjustment to any microphone stand for easy installation and use. Double suspension springs on each arm for added stability. Dual audio port: Connect both the microphone input and the headphone/speaker output.


* Output impedance: 30% ohm +/-
* Microphone output interface: 3.5 mm
* Signal to noise ratio: 78 decibels
* XLR cable cable length: 2.5 meters
* Frequency response: 20Hz-16kHz
* Load impedance: over ohmic
* Current: 3 mA The maximum value of the table clamp. Component thickness: 45 mm
* Sensitivity: -38dB +/- 2dB
* Equivalent noise: 16dBA
* Output interface microphone: 3.5 mm
* Maximum length of gooseneck popular filter: 370 mm

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